Things To Know About IPL 2021!

IPL 2021
IPL 2021

The 14th edition of IPL was stuck due to Covid 19 earlier this year which is considered one of the world’s franchise tournaments.

However, the organizing committee will finish the rest of the tournament with this Covid situation which will be held in the United Arab Emirates from September 19.

There are several rules and regulations in the IPL to prevent the outbreak of corona in this year’s event.

Here we will let you know those new rules and regulations.

  • If the ball goes to the gallery, the ball will not return to the field. The IPL is reluctant to take risks as there are visitors in the gallery. The ball thrown in the gallery will be kept sanitized in the ball library. The rest of the game will be handled with a new ball in the form of that old ball.
  • The practice of using saliva in the mouth is quite old. However, due to Corona, there is a strict ban on the use of saliva this time. If any bowler disobeys the ban, the team will have to pay a fine of 5 runs in this IPL.
  • Players as well as their families and team owners must abide by strict bio bubble laws. No one can go outside the Bubble except for urgent work. However, in that case, permission has to be taken from the BCCI’s Chief Medical Officer.
  • In addition to the players in the IPL, a four-member Bubble Integrity Committee has been formed to check whether the coaching staff and team owners are following the bio-bubble properly. One committee for each team will always monitor everyone. The main task of this committee is to inform the authority as soon as the protocol is broken.
  • There is a rule to have one team in each hotel in this IPL. That is why the IPL has instructed each team to book a whole hotel. If that is not possible, then at least a huge part of the hotel is booked and there are strict instructions to seal that part.