climate change

Climate change overtakes Covid19

Climate change has ‘overtaken pandemics as a biggest global concern’. The failure to act on climate change has overtaken contagious diseases as the biggest...

Culprits Damaged Italy’s Iconic Scala Dei Turchi Cliffs!

Italy's most visited tourist site Scala Dei Turchi Cliffs defaced by some vandals on Friday. An investigation is going on about the matter as the...

Covid19: India’s cases set for new highs as Omicron spreads

As the fast-spreading omicron form replaces delta in cities, India's daily COVID-19 cases jumped to 117,100. Which is a five-fold increase in a week...

Kazakhstan Update: Russia-led bloc approves peacekeeping deployment

"Peacekeepers" from a Russia-led military alliance of post-Soviet states will be sent to Kazakhstan. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia,...

Canada Pledges $31.5 Billion to Fix Indigenous Child Welfare System

The Canadian government said that it had reached what it called the largest agreement in Canada’s history. It is paying $31.5 billion to fix...

Covid 19: Newspaper pitches ‘internment camps’

A Scottish tabloid asks its readers if they support Covid-19 "internment camps" similar to those implemented in Australia. They also asked readers whether the...

Covid19: Global cases hit record high

Global coronavirus cases have soared to a new record high, with further than2.2 million verified cases has been reported. US logs 1M diurnal coronavirus cases...

Mass Protests Force President To Resign In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has dismissed the government after a wave of protests swept the country, leading to clashes with police. Protests were sparked...
Colorado wildfire

Colorado Wildfire: Climate-Fueled Razes 1,000 Homes; Things to Know

A least two people are missing and presumed dead after a fast-spreading wildfire tore through the suburbs of Boulder County, Colorado. It is destroying...

Covid19: Highly Mutated, Dangerous New Virus Discovered

A new strain of the drug Covid-19 has been discovered in France, a team of scientists informed. Researchers said it's too early to assess...