Rupam Islam Released New Duet Track with Shamik!

Rupom Bishal Brishtira
Rupom Bishal Brishtira

Rupam Islam’s new song Bishaal Brishtira was released on Tuesday night with a mixture of fusion of rap and rock.

In this music video, Shamik Roy Chowdhury is seen with Rupam doing the rap part in this song.

Though the song is about the rain, however, this song is not written with the rain in mind.

This song has been brought after looking at the old manuscript of Rupam Islam.

Roopam Islam said, “every year I try my best to work with musician Sugata Roy Palodhi. Before doing ‘Bivajon’ last year, we did ‘Ganer Jonmo’, ‘Ami Tomay Valobashi’ Part 1 and 2.  This time Sugata added Indigenous and Eastern music which is predominant in this song”.

“Since Eastern music is predominant in this song, if there is a touch of rap, the song will get another dimension.  From there, Bishaal Brishtira, a joint effort of Rupam and Shamik has released,” he added.

Shamik had previously been associated with Rupam on several albums as a music video director.

Notable among them are ‘Daniken’, ‘Ganer Jonmo’ and ‘Janala’ and ‘Ghrina’.

This song is Shamik’s first music video with Rupom Islam and the song is now available on Rupom’s official Youtube channel.