1. These conditions shall apply to all advertisements or promotional services/signed order forms/e-mail confirmations accepted for publication or promotional distribution.

2. All advertisements or promotional services are accepted subject to ourselves, the publisher’s approval of the copy and to the space being available or promotional material.

3. If it is intended to include in an advertisement a competition or a special offer of merchandise, other than that normally included with the advertised product, full details must be submitted at the time of receiving a signed order form for advertisements or promotions.

4. We the publisher reserve the right to omit or suspend an advertisement at any time (a) for any good reason or (b) if at the end of booking of the advertisement the advertiser has not disclosed the identity of its clients and of the product or services which are to be the subject matter of the advertisements, or promotional service.

5. We the publisher reserve the right to modify the space or alter the date or position of insertion or make any other alteration, if it is deemed necessary. We the publisher accepts no responsibility for advertisement reproduction or copy/artwork/promotional materials received.

6. The advertiser or promoter warrants that the advertisement does not contravene any law nor is it in any way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party’s rights or an infringement of the code of advertising practice.

7. The advertiser will indemnify our company, the publisher, fully in respect of any claim made against the publisher, whether legal or otherwise. All details on products, services, or the publisher are confidential and not to be communicated to third parties.

8. Artwork supplied is the complete responsibility of the client. It is the responsibility of the client to send all artwork or promotional material within the specified copy, or promotion deadline date.

9. Advertisement or promotional rates are subject to revision at any time and orders accepted on condition that the price binds ourselves, the publisher only in respect of the next issue to go to press. We the publisher reserve the right to alter the distribution dates if such action is viewed as beneficial to our company, or project.

10. The right to cancel an order for advertisements or promotional services applies up to twenty four hours after the order confirmation is received by way of fax, email or post to our company, the publisher. Cancellation requests will only be accepted, by post and in writing, to the company accountant within the specified time limit, after which all signed or email confirmation order forms will be paid for in full immediately. If we receive written notice to cancel an order within one week, a cancellation fee of 50% of the order is required. If we receive a request to cancel your advertisement or promotional activity after one week, from the date of booking, payment in full will be required.

11. Please note that a late payment charge will accrue at the rate of 5% of the outstanding invoice balance owed, for each day that your invoice remains unpaid.

12. All details communicated, with regards to our projects, or products, or services are confidential. WhatsOnuk, Head Office, 16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham B2 5UG. T> +44 (0) 121 636 0830 F> +44 (0) 121 643 6872 w> www.whatson.uk.com e> accounts@whatson.uk.com