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Q:- How big is it?

A:- A fair size, you wont be able to keep your hands off it.

Q:- What¹s the thickness like?

A:- It’s extremely chunky. Bigger than most.

Q:- What¹s the best position you can put me in?

A:- Well, it¹s a case of first come first serve for the best positions available, but we try to slot everybody in and accommodate everybody in the best way we can.

Q:- How much will it cost me?

A:- You really can’t put a price on it. We¹re extremely affordable, we have something to suit all shapes and sizes. We¹ll do you an excellent deal, value for money!

Q:- How long will it last?

A:- Quite a while. Usually the whole duration is a year, time flies when youre having fun.

Q:- How often can I take advantage of Whats On UK?

A:- Anytime you like. We¹ve always got something going on, we¹d like to help you out in any way we can.

Q:- Can I have your number?

A:- You cheeky devil! Feel free to call us any time you like on +44(0)121 643 6872. We¹ll be hanging by the telephone, just waiting to sort you out!