About WhatsOn

WhatsOn is a progressive global media network. It based in the hub of Birmingham City Centre with over 25 years. Our values are: diversity, equality, involvement and unity. WhatsOn supports a balanced lifestyle, real democracy . We speak out against the exploitation of people, animals and the earth.
Every month we publish an advanced printed publication. We are covering regional, national and global. What’s going on, where to go, what to do and key topics of discussion selected by our Editor and our R&D department. There is also a digital version for each month. Along with specific guides scheduled throughout the year (see list below). To form a multi-media network, we have merged print, social media and digital marketing.

January – Pink Guide (LGBT)

February – Wedding Guide
March – Graduate, Gap Travel Guide
April – Kids Guide
May – Days Out, New York/USA Guide
June – Festival Guide
July – Courses Guide + Business Guides
August – USA/America’s Guide
September – Regional Student Guides x 4
October – National Student Guide
November – Xmas Guide
December – Xmas Guide

Student Guide –  Every September, just in time for freshers, we put together a 162-page guide with listings to help students prepare for their academic year. From accommodation support. National helplines to the best places to eat and shop, our student guide is the ultimate companion.
New York Guide –  Published every three months and absolutely free, this exclusive guide offers you 12 pages of listings to get the best out of New York.
Festival Guide –  This publication includes listings of all the major festivals throughout the UK, a survival guide to camping and some top tips to making the best of your festival experience.
WhatsOn is available to pick up free of charge from many art centres, museums, bars, clubs, restaurants, libraries, universities, tube stations/bus stops and other cultural venues as well as areas of high footfall.
The magazine is an indispensable guide packed full of editorial, market driven content, advertisements and endorsements by association and is a must have to pick up monthly wherever you are.


We have well-established and active social media channels – a Facebook page with over 57,000 likes, Instagram with more than 4,000 followers and Twitter with over 3,000 followers.


We are a truly global brand, based in the UK and Asia. Every New York Guide is distributed around New York and surrounding cities. We also print a Bangladesh issue every three months with much of the content in Bangla, making it more attainable to our foreign readers.