Saturday Report: Commenting on Social Media

Commenting on socail media
Commenting on socail media

Without being connected to social media, life seems almost impossible nowadays. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. have become part and parcel of our everyday life. Through commenting on these media, we stay connected. But some comments seem confusing, hilarious, and sometimes awkward as well. Aminul Haque talks about some hilarious mistakes & typos during commenting on social media.

‘Wedding ceremony/ reception’ is a very common comment on social media. But when the word ‘wedding’ is misspelt as ‘weeding’, do we think about how the meaning of the expression will be? As weed means ‘ganja’, so it may mean a ceremony or festival of ganja or marijuana!

Congratulations we write to wish others’ success or achievement. But the word is sometimes seen as ‘congregation’ which means assemblage or gathering, and it has no etymological engagement with the previous word. 

friend may turn into a devil or demon if you drop the ‘r’, I mean if it’s written in the comment as a fiend. A friend and a fiend may not be differentiated if you remain careless both in social life and in social media!

In the same way, tasty foods may lose their taste if not properly spelt. Just think of your friend who has given you a nice treat with tasty foods. But in social media, if you give him/her credit with a tag “Thanks for the treat, buddy! Your offered foods were very testy!” BTW, testy means annoying or irritating!

Now I want to mention some words along with the wrong/misspelt/misplaced/meaningless ones in the parenthesis just as a precaution. They are – grateful(greatful), varsity(versity), compliment(complement), feeling(filling), mobile(mobil), story(storey), than(then), amazing(amusing), and the last one but not the least one is wife(wifi). Wife and Wi-Fi both are very much important as anyone’s absence will make your social life unsocial!

Aminul Haque is an Assistant Professor of English department at Uttara University.