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Indian Brewery
Aug 11, 2017 |  Author: Lerah

Looking for something new this summer? Indian Brewery Snowhill is now open for business! Second to none and unique on its own, Indian Brewery focuses on three elements: Artisan Coffee, Indian Street Food and Craft Beer. Bookings are not required, walk-in is the system we run here with a friendly and Read more

Miller and Carter Restaurant Review
Aug 11, 2017 |  Author: Hannah

Miller and Carter’s Mailbox branch is well placed for those looking for a good meal with a partner or friends. Situated in the Mailbox it is also within stones throw of the designer shopping boutiques, hair salons and canal walk ways. When we arrived we were promptly greeted by our friendly and ho Read more

D’Lush Desserts
Jul 27, 2017 |  Author: Lerah

What: At D’Lush Desserts every course is a dessert. Yes: Every. Course. Is. A. Dessert. With milkshakes, sweet nibbles and a chocolate sundaes, D’Lush Desserts in the indulgent café you’ve been waiting for! Where: Birmingham’s Star City, home to some of the city’s best family-friendly le Read more

Everyman Barbers. Temple Street, Birmingham.
Jul 04, 2017 |  Author: Leah Davies

  You do not need an appointment at the Everyman Barbers. So you can walk in right off the street in this centrally located men’s hairdressers, right in the heart of the retail and business centre of the second city. No sooner has your barber sat you down than he/she has offered you a tea Read more

The Boston Tea Party, major family restaurant review by Andre
Jun 15, 2017 |  Author: Saiful C

Recently my family and I visited the well known restaurant, based in Birmingham’s corporation street and will never forget the experience. The menus are regularly changed so diners have an opportunity to try many varying dishes. On entering the establishment we were struck by the size of the dinin Read more

United Christian Broadcasters
Jun 01, 2017 |  Author: Saiful C

Radio offers a unique opportunity to spread news, entertainment and even hope, reaching into cars, homes, headphones at different times and in the moments where people who need something uplifting – to hear that message of hope right when it’ll have the most impact. United Christian Broa Read more

May 22, 2017 |  Author: Saiful C

FootActive is one of the World leaders in orthotic technology. Our expansive range includes advanced shock absorption for running, slim-line orthotics for football/rugby, comfort for work shoes/boots, sensitive orthotics for diabetics and the elderly and even our medical range for children. With Foo Read more

Latin Flair @ Las Iguanas
May 16, 2017 |  Author: Naomi

It can be tricky to know where to dine when visiting Birmingham City Centre. With a plethora of restaurants to choose from, how do you know which ones are child friendly and even more importantly, child welcoming? Step forward Las Iguanas, the Latin American gem sitting proudly atop the Arcadian Cen Read more

Wagamama – The Best Restaurant Chain Ever!
May 08, 2017 |  Author: Naomi

There is no better chain restaurant in the UK than Wagamama! There, I said it! A bold statement I know, but the truth according to me. I had my first Wagamama experience just last year and was royally impressed by everything the restaurant offers. From the contemporary décor, befittingly Japanese i Read more

Café Rouge – A French Affair
May 04, 2017 |  Author: Naomi

Having never tried French cuisine, nor visited Cafe Rouge, I was excited to see what delights would be on offer. I was not disappointed. We visited Café Rouge’s Mailbox branch which sits above the canal. The dining room is beautifully decorated in a Parisian style, with splashes of red accent Read more