Saturday Special: LIVE & LOVE with SKINSHAPE

Saturday Special: LIVE & LOVE with SKINSHAPE
Saturday Special: LIVE & LOVE with SKINSHAPE

Will Dorey, professionally known as Skinshape is currently breaking into the world of music. Poppy Huggett catches up to see what’s next for the uprising star!

Will Dorey, profoundly known as Skinshape is a musician and producer based in the UK. 

His fans have often curious about how his stage name came into being. Upon asking, he said that “Skin shape” simply came to him and that’s about it. 

Dorey talked about the inspirations that nudged him into becoming a musician in the first place. From a very young age, he was keen on music.

He said, it’s just been a natural progression for me and it was always what I wanted to do with my life. I simply followed that path and put all my effort into it.”

Throughout his life, he was inspired by the “likes of Ennio Morricone and these kinds of film composers that manage to traverse the middle ground between classical music and alternative/funk/electronic music.”

He described the sound of his music to have a vintage vibration that draws the listeners into the world he created. He said, “I prefer the sound of older music generally speaking which is why I make it sound that way. I would say it draws on psych, folk, film music, funk, reggae, African music, and many other types of ‘world’ music.”

Will Dorey

Releasing the album Umoja was the biggest challenge of his career so far. It took him a year to write/ record and after a lot of perseverance, he managed to release the album. “I also had to do a lot of planning and research to find the right musicians and singers to fit on the album. I even flew to Norway to record Idd Aziz who lives up there,” said Dorey.

Dorey talked about his latest album ‘Arrogance is the death of Men’, stating that the sole reason behind the creation of this album was to draw the listeners back to the classic Skinshape sound. It was “sort of an antidote to the Umoja album that was really in a new direction”. He added that “it is also an exploration of lockdown mentality and all the stuff we experience this year.”

 Dorey also talked about the Global pandemic affecting his life and the creation of his music. He said, “It inspired some of the tracks on the album, such as ‘Losing My Mind’ and the title track. You only need to listen to the lyrics to see what I mean.” 

His favorite track from his latest album is the Outro Behind the Sun which he hopes will be well received by all his listeners.