Owned: The Bangladeshi Band Taking Alternative Rock by Storm!

An Interview with Owned Tama Sarker catches up with the band and discusses their musical journey of how the 4 individuals became a band.

Owned is an alternative rock band from Dhaka, Bangladesh, formed in 2007. The band currently consists of founding members A.K. Ratul (bass/vocals), A.K. Samee (drums), Fasihuddin Ahmed Itmam (guitars) and Pritam – Guitars. They released their debut album, “1”, in 2014.

Owned is an alternative rock band known for their catchy melodies, heavy guitars, and powerful vocals. They have been praised by critics for their unique sound and energetic live performances. The band is currently working on their next single and is excited to share their new music with the world.

In a recent interview, the band members spoke about their music, their influences, and their plans for the future. They also shared some significant points about their band.

A.K. Ratul: “We want to make music that is both challenging and accessible. We want our music to make people think, but we also want it to be something that they can enjoy listening to.”

A.K. Samee: “Our influences are pretty diverse. We all listen to a lot of different music, so it all kind of comes together in our own sound.”

Fasihuddin Ahmed Itmam: “We want to be a band that is always evolving. We don’t want to be stuck in one genre or sound. We want to keep pushing ourselves and trying new things.”

Pritam: “Communicate and trust each other to create a strong band dynamic.’

Music Unites Us to Be One

The common thing that unites them is music. They all love music and are passionate about creating it. They believe that-

music is the glue that binds them together and allows them to express themselves creatively.’

They had some initial coordination issues during their concerts and performances. However, they have since worked through these issues and are now a well-oiled machine. They believe that this is due to their strong work ethic and their commitment to making their music the best it can be.

They never feel like whatever music they produce could have been better. They believe that they put their heart and soul into everything they create, and that is all that matters. They are proud of their music and are confident that it will connect with people.

They manage to find at least 2 hours a week to practice, even though they all have busy professional lives. They believe that this is essential to maintaining their musical chemistry and keeping their skills sharp. They also believe that it is important to stay creative and to experiment with new ideas.

They discuss and decide on the tracks for an album or EP as a band. They believe that this is important to ensure that everyone is happy with the final product. They also believe that it is important to give everyone a say in the creative process.

Ratul plays a major role in the band’s songwriting process. However, the band members all trust each other and work together to create the best possible songs. They believe that this is the best way to create music that is both unique and accessible.

Owned is a band with a bright future ahead of them. They are talented musicians with a unique sound and a strong work ethic. I am excited to see what they do next.

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