Rumors say Astroworld incident was satanic, Tiktok accused of conspiracy videos

Rumors say Astroworld incident was satanic, Tiktok accused of conspiracy videos
Rumors say Astroworld incident was satanic, Tiktok accused of conspiracy videos

Various misguided and wrongly informed Tiktok videos are spreading regarding the massacre last week at the Astroworld Festival of Travis Scott. The death casualty that occurred has put an impression of satanic violence. In all these videos, Tiktok is responding to blaming that the festival has had some demonic conspiracy; as a result, such a big incident happened.

  • At the festival, during Scott’s headlining, a vast crowd surge resulted in having eight people dead and leaving almost hundreds reportedly injured at venue NRG Park last Friday. This happened while the concertgoers were going towards the front of the stage and suddenly caused injuries, shortness of breath, and, for some, cardiac arrest. Police went on as soon as possible and tried to take control of the hazard. Immediate medical treatment was provided to the needy and heavily injured ones brought to the hospital and observed. But sadly, 8, along with teenagers, died at the spot immediately after the surge.
  • Everyone almost got shocked, and trauma had already emerged. Meanwhile, throughout the week, dozens of videos got viral on TikTok. Users have been positing far-fetched explanations for the incident, mainly implementing satanic manipulation. They are accusing their thoughts on Scott as he was conducting some satanic ritual or pointing to perceived satanic symbolism on the festival grounds.
  • There’s a video post on Tiktok earlier this week, pointing out the stage design vaguely demonic imagery had reached 23million views. Even typing “Astroworld” into the platform’s search bar yielded a popular idea and now suggesting results like “Astroworld demonic.”
  • Both Rolling Stone and Complex are now reporting that after getting in touch with TikTok regarding videos spreading misinformation about the tragedy.
Astroworld Festival casualty
  • A representative for the company responded that they are working on taking action against the content with Tiktok, including within its search suggestions.
  • ‘Such content is in violation of our Community Guidelines and is already being removed,’ TikTok stated.
  • Investigations are ongoing as to who to blame for the casualties at Astroworld. Lawsuits have continued to grow against Scott, festival promoters Live Nation, and more recently, while experts have claimed that Astroworld organizers “weren’t prepared” for the vast crowd.
  • Houston Police chief Troy Finner expressed concerns regarding public safety to Scott regarding the event before it took place.
  • In the days following the festival, Scott took to social media to make two separate statements: a brief, written one on Twitter and a longer video posted to Instagram. It’s on our previous news update of the Astroworld festival incident.
  • Earlier this week, Scott announced that he would pay for the funeral costs of victims of the incident and cover online therapy costs for those in need.
  • He said, ‘These are the first of many steps Travis plans on taking as a part of his vow to assist those affected throughout their grieving and recovery process.’

A press release issued at the time said Scott was “in active conversations with the city of Houston, law enforcement and local first responders to respectfully and appropriately connect with the individuals and families of those involved.