Wednesday Wisdom: Books for Kids to read on Climate change

Wednesday Wisdom: Books for Kids to read on Climate change
Wednesday Wisdom: Books for Kids to read on Climate change

This week we thought about how to educate our kids on Climate emergency so we rounded up a Cop26-inspired reading list of kids’ books. So even children will learn about the calamity occurring in our climate. Reading these book will encourage young readers to act on this crisis. Let’s check out our picks of this week.

Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet’ by Valentina Camerini ***

The Book is an unofficial biography about the inspiring true story of Greta Thunberg, a young eco-activist whose solo persistence on saving the world sparked and grew into a global movement. Greta the little girl has realized the need of saving our world from climate threat faster than anyone ever! This little girl thinking even since she knew more and more about the climate calamity happening but was unable to process why no governments or politicians were taking any control over this! She couldn’t take it anymore so young Greta took this responsibility on her hand and start acting on all alone. She knew she can’t rely on others so she must stop waiting and do something so one fine Friday morning instead of going to school she went on strike in front of Stockholm’s parliament building with a handmade sign to protest.

‘Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet’

Now this solo protest has turned into a World Movement just like Cop. She got nominated even for Nobel price. The book was written on focusing her journey along with many others who fought for and are still fighting against climate change.

‘What Is Climate Change?’ by Gail Herman***

‘What Is Climate Change?’

What Is Climate Change? comes from the What Was? kids’ series. The book is actually an overall well-rounded book on climate change and about its effects mainly focused on kids from Ages 8–12 to read and know about the issue. Obviously author Gail Herman has presented both sides of the debate, the perspective agreed upon by many scientists that humans have a big role in the crisis along with the counterargument. This 112-page book briefly stated what climate change is, what’s being affected by it, what the effects could look like in the future, as well as the scientific, social, and political angles of the issue all into segments to the young minds could easily read and identify with.

The Tantrum that Saved the World’ by Megan Herbert and Michael E. Mann***

The Tantrum that Saved the World, is a total two-part kid’s picture book by Australian writer and illustrator Megan Herbert and award-winning American climate scientist Michael E. Mann. First part, delivers the story about little girl who inherits a huge problem she didn’t ask for, feels all kinds of frustration as she tries to solve it, and then channels those strong emotions into positive action.

‘The Tantrum that Saved the World’

While the second part explains the science behind climate change in easy language so children can understand. It also has stories about climate refugees who appear in the story and show how all their lives are interconnected. Most educative part is this book has an action plan on Climate emergency that draws out simple and positive actions the readers could take and implement.