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Hey music lover people, welcome to our music academy Fun Friday Singing Session.

Friday comes again for us to do music together. Be ready in this Friday with the songs you will be singing! WhatsOn Music Academy is open for all to perform. Those who shy to perform can cheer up others and enjoy the music session as well. Our music teacher Anupam Chakrabarti is also joining us. The award-winning music teacher will give you guitar lessons. Hurry up and be ready with the pieces you will be singing! All team members from the WhatsOn family will also be singing the song together.

Our WhatsOn Music Academy always looking for an advanced live music session on Friday from 4.00 PM- 5.00 PM BD time and 10.00 AM- 11.00 AM UK time.

Class Curriculum:

  1. Basic Guitar Lesson
  2. Advanced Guitar Lesson
  3. Song Learn (Tomar Barir Ronger Melay)
  4. Open Mike
  5. Choir performance (Boshonto Batashe)

Stay Tuned 
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