Cate Le Bon announces new album ‘Pompeii’

Cate Le Bon, a Welsh musician, has just announced the release of her sixth full-length studio album ‘Pompeii’. ‘Pompeii’ is set to hit theaters on February 4, 2022, through Mexican Summer. She has also released the first track, “Running Away,” in aggregation with the album launch.

This new track will be released in the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Reward.’ In a statement, Le Bon explained

“’ Pompeii’ was written and recorded in a quagmire of unease. Solo. In a time warp. In a house, I had a life in 15 years ago. I grappled with existence, resignation, and faith. I felt culpable for the mess but it smacked hard of the collective guilt imposed by religion and original sin.”

Le Bon explained an additional impression on the meaning overdue the album by stating. “The subtitle is: You will be forever connected to everything. Which, depending on the time of day, is as comforting as it is terrifying. The sense of finality has always been here. It seems strangely hopeful. Someone is playing with the focus lens. The world is on fire but the bins must go out on a Tuesday night. Political dissonance meets beauty regimes. I put a groove behind it for something to hold on to. The grief is in the saxophone.”

Aside from announcing her album and single, Le Bon has also revealed the dates for her upcoming North American, European, and UK tours. Le Bon will make stops in some places during his three-month tour. On February 6, she will begin her 2022 tour in Woodstock, New York.

Following that, Leo will perform in Portland, Seattle, New York, and other cities around North America. Leo will play in cities like Dublin, Liverpool, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, and many others on her European and UK tour. On April 12, Le Bon will make her final trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Below Pompeii Track List:

1. ‘Dirt On The Bed’
2. ‘Moderation’
3. ‘French Boys’
4. ‘Pompeii’
5. ‘Harbour’
6. ‘Running Away’
7. ‘Cry Me Old Trouble’
8. ‘Remembering Me’
9. ‘Wheel’

Cate Le Bon will tour the album in 2022, with dates in the UK and Ireland beginning on March 12 in Southampton.

The full schedule is as follows:

12 – Engine Rooms, Southampton 

15 – Hackney Empire, London
16 – Albert Hall, Manchester
17 – Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
18 – Empire Music Hall, Belfast, IE 
19 – The National Concert Hall, Dublin, IE 
21 – UK Arts Club, Liverpool 
22 – Irish Centre, Leeds
23 – The Mill, Birmingham

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