5 ways to celebrate a zero waste Christmas!

Santa is humming ‘Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way’. This is the biggest occasion of the year, but not much of an eco-friendly event. But if we want with a minimum effort and little change in our plans, we can make a sustainable Christmas eve this year. Sumaiya Akram Shoshi reports.


A Christmas tree is something that fulfills the festivity, without it you can’t celebrate this eve. When it comes to Christmas trees you can always rent one of those trees that get planted again by the season end. Also, you can use the previous one you are using for many years, the plastic ones. This will allow us all to keep the festival eco-friendly.

Handmade gifts!

Nothing can cheer us more than a beautiful yet usable Christmas gift. Handmade gifts are always appreciated for their uniqueness adaptability and, source of love. On the other handmade goodies saves money, wastage and helps our nature. Another way is re-gifting, the thing you got but won’t come to any of your use. You can always give to others who need them.


Apart from making hand-crafted decoration items, you can always purchase handmade items too. Another good idea is to decorate sustainably. You can give it a try by decorating your tree with edible decorative items, such as cookies, tarts, muffins, chocolate sticks, and so on. You can décor and eat. Woah!

Wish Cards

The easiest yet more sustainable way is to delivering e-cards wishes to everyone. you can send hundreds of them altogether by saving your time, money and without harming our nature. Though the world is more digitally operated now some sill like to approach in an ancient way so for them hand-printed cards are the best. Another option is sending plantable cards that decompose easily into fertilizers. 

Home Grown Foods

Food shouldn’t at all be wasted. You can simply a Christmas veg box, cook a homely meal with the ingredients from your garden and maybe you can brew your own beer as well. It would be great if you could avoid meat because the meat industry is a major factor causing emission.