World’s Ecosystem at Risk: Only 3% remains intact

World’s Ecosystem at Risk: Only 3% remains intact
World’s Ecosystem at Risk: Only 3% remains intact

Almost 97% of the world’s ecosystem has been affected by climate change and human activities. Studies have suggested that only 3% of the world’s land remains ecologically intact with an undisturbed habitat. Anika Khan reports.  

  • These fragments of wilderness undamaged by human activates can be found in parts of Amazon and Congo tropical forests, Northern Canadian forests, Sahara, east Siberian forests, and Tundra.
  • Researchers have suggested that reintroducing a small number of important species in damaged areas can restore up to 20% of the world’s ecology.
  • Previous research identified that 20-40% of the world’s surface area affected by human activates. This was largely based on satellite images.
  • New research pointed out that most of the areas that appeared to be intact from above are missing vital species that are important to control population and balance the ecosystem.
  • The world is currently facing a biodiversity crisis, with many wildlife populations plunging due to the destruction of habitats for farming, coal mines, infrastructure, and so on.
  • The lead author of the study, Dr. Andre Plumptre said, “much of what we consider as intact habitat is missing species that have been hunted [and poached] by people, or lost because of invasive species or disease”.
  • He called out for immediate actions and said, “let’s also think about restoring species so that we can try and build up these areas where we’ve got ecologically intact ecosystems”.

A few scientists have gathered enough data to prove that the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth is about to begin. This will have serious consequences for the food, water, and clean water that humanity depends on.


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