WhatsOn Music Academy presents ‘Puja Fest 2021’

WhatsOn has celebrated “Puja Fest 2021” this year by hosting and organizing a beautiful musical program. This was one of the premier events WhatsOn Music Academy has done exclusively. WhatsOn BD and UK team, along with some popular personalities were present.

Every year WhatsOn celebrates Puja this year was also no different. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, WhatsOn kept working on its aim for humanity, kindness, and equity. Being a Muslim lead country it’s not so easy for minors to participate and celebrate their festivals which WhatsOn tries to diminish.

It was a music event categorized into segments where major public figures appeared and performed. Abanti Sithi, the thriving singer of two Bengals was presented as the main guest at the program. Her presence brought another level of harmony into the event. She performed 2 songs that kept the audience enchanted.

Abonti Sithi, performing with Anupam Chakroborty and team

Opening performance was Ethika’s, the rising star of WhatsOn Music Academy. She sang “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.  Later on some other stars joined the program. Kakoli Moni and Chaity Das were virtually been there and also performed. New generation artists including Colin, Ethika, Noyon, Rokon and Tasfia then performed one by one led by Guru Gee, Anupam Chakraborty.

from left ASEIS member Ishra, Sadia, Abonti Sithi and WhatsOn Music Academy Star Ethika

This Puja Fest became more joyful as instrument artist Rokon played and entertained everyone with his marvelous flute play by being there virtually. The closing act was done by WhatsOn Choir performing chorus on Rabindra Sangeet. By the very end of the program famous band members of ASEIS joined in to support.

WhatsOn Managing Director Sam Alim said, ‘WhatsOn aims at working for humanity. We believe in solidarity and equity, where every human of any color, size, area, and religion should be treated as the same. This modern world needs to be invigorated when it comes to saving our environment, our mother nature. Together, I believe the beautiful change will happen.’ 

The whole festival was dedicated to mankind to make awareness amongst people of the significance of Durga Puja & Durga Mother reminding women to fight for their rights, challenge corruption, greed & poverty with this year’s slogan: Save Mother Earth!

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