7 facts to eliminate plastic from society

The use of plastic every day does not bring productivity for all. Even knowing the consequences we often don’t realize how vigorously the environment is getting polluted for overusing plastic. Here we share how one can save our life and the earth by eliminating plastic. Sumaiya Akram Shoshi report.

1. Non-renewable and nonrecyclable

Non-renewable and nonrecyclable

Most recycling facilities cannot recycle plastic and therefore do not accept them because of its harmful raw materials. It remains toxic and injurious even if you throw it away.

2. Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

Since being a very lightweight object plastic bags roams around easily and are mostly picked up by the wind. Hanged in trees, floating in the water, or lying around anywhere thus plastic occurs environmental pollution.

3. Problematic Degradation

Problematic Degradation

Petroleum-based plastic may take up to 1,000 years or never until they completely degrade in natural environments. This is a major cause plastics are harmful to the world.

4. Threat to Wildlife

Threat to Wildlife

Statistics show, over 1 million sea birds and 1 hundred thousand marine animals are killed annually from plastic that eventually results in the oceans.

5. Climate Change

Climate Change

Plastics originate as fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases from manufacturing to disposal. As a result, a big threat to climate change is occurring with plastics.

6. Harmful to Human Health

Harmful to Human Health

When decomposing the plastic breaks up into tiny microscopic pieces that get deposited in soils or contaminate waterways. These pieces can be so small that they are invisible to our eye and mixed up with our whole food chain.

7. Costly to pay

Costly to pay

We think of plastic bags as a free component while shopping but there’s a hidden 3-5 cent charge included for each bag. This cost is being paid by the customers alone.

These are reasons how plastic usage has been destructively ruining our environment. This is a implant cause human life, marine life and the whole system is taking a downfall. So we must be aware to avoid using plastic and start taking alternatives.