Sunday Social: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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As we move towards the ‘new normal’ and navigate our lives within the varying degrees of lockdown, one positive that has come from this experience is that we’ve all been given the time to consider how sustainable our lives are.

If you’re looking to move forward by reducing your own carbon footprint, here are 5 ways you can make the change:

  1. Consider how you travel! We’ve loved seeing less traffic on the roads the past few months, so why not try to continue this as we move forward and change up the way we commute. If possible, why not get a bike? Not only does it improve your daily exercise, but it also ensures that you’re not contributing to air pollution.
  2. Eat Locally. Shopping organically, locally, and seasonally is another great way to lower the carbon footprint of your food. Also, you’ll be supporting your local community and clean agriculture!
  3. Only buy what you need or love. Something we’ve all learned recently is that we don’t need as much as we thought in order to be happy. We need to stop overconsuming, so this means only buying something if we genuinely need it or if we actually love it.
  4. Holiday closer to home! Air travel contributes to a significant amount of air pollution. So moving forward, why not consider having your summer holiday a bit closer to home? Or is there somewhere that you can get to by train or boat instead?
  5. Reuse! Give your belongings multiple lives to ensure that the energy that went into producing it is cancelled out! A lot of companies are now investing in refill options, so you only have to invest in packaging once and replace it if it breaks.