Saturday Report: Productive Pandemic

Saturday Report: Productive Pandemic
Saturday Report: Productive Pandemic

Adding a new hobby to your repertoire may provide you an abundance of unexpected joy that you might not imagine. Professor Tasnia Talukder reports about the new hobbies we can acquire during the pandemic.

Especially, amid this global pandemic, while most people are on the verge of mental health crisis; adopting a new hobby can be a great way to declutter your mind from anxiety & despair, and design it with a spike of positive energy.

  1. Journaling: Journaling is the best way to capture your emotions and reflect on life that helps you to relax your mind and to introspect into the deeper meaning of life. To start journaling, all you need is penning down all your thoughts and feelings surrounding your daily events. It’s incredibly healing!
  2. Blogging:  Blogging is a digital platform where an individual person shares his or her own experiences, knowledge, and thoughts on particular interests, and helps to connect with people across the world.
  3. Graphic design: Graphic design is a skill-based hobby that anyone can easily learn and practice at home with less investment. It is a skill used for visual communication of the company and especially, for content creators who try to send their messages through their designs, visual arts, or typography.
  4. Photography: Photography can unravel the inner self and inspire one to explore beyond imagination. Mastering this skill may help anyone to express themselves better in a new way.
  5. Learning a new language: Learning a new language can be fun and interesting to expand areas of knowledge and pass the time productively.
  6. Learning new craft: Learning new crafts such as origami, pottery may help to relax and soothe your mind with creativity.

Tasnia Talukder is a Lecturer at University of Asia Pacific and WhatsOn columnist