Pandemic, Inequality, and Climate change: Three crises call for the end of Capitalism

Pandemic, Inequality, and Climate change: three crises call for the end of Capitalism
Pandemic, Inequality, and Climate change: three crises call for the end of Capitalism, says Labor MP John McDonnell.

The whole world is now going through a real tough time including the three biggest concerns that’s been a threat to our future generation and mother earth. These issues must annihilate and immediately taken under action to prevail whereas capitalism must end. Labor MP John McDonnell talked about them in the Adelante conference, mentioning of Covid-19 pandemic, inequality, and climate change to overturn the existing order to resolve how they are threatening humanity’s future.

  • The Hayes and Harlington MP said that the pandemic had brought light into the matter of confronting Big Pharma and securing shared access to the technologies to defeat diseases. Covid19 has made us go through so many for so long now after discovering another strong variant it getting much worse for the world to adjust with their mental, physical but mostly financial state. 
  • Let’s talk about the second crisis which is growing inequality within nations mostly because of capitalism along with discrimination for gender, race, religion, and so on. Inequality crisis requires a reckoning with finance capital.
  • Now it leaves us with the final and most crucial one climate change. Despite many initiatives taken climate change is getting acute and with each passing day, our planet is being uninhabitable for future generations.
  • Mr. McDonnell warned about all points to the need for “systemic change,”. He said the left needed to confront global institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, and even the UN which work to “impose poverty and undermine freedom” worldwide so together they all can work against this hurdle.
  • McDonnell criticized the Boris Johnson government for starting a new nuclear arms race and for working “to prop up the forces of reaction across Latin America”. He did support the Jair Bolsonaro regime in Brazil and a Colombian government that brutally represses trade unionists while backing the 2019 coup in Bolivia and multiple attempted coups in Venezuela.
  • Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed the gathering by video link from Mexico, pointing to the significance of upcoming elections in Chile and Brazil in which the progressive left will face off against the far-right candidates Jose Antonio Kast, an open admirer of the Pinochet dictatorship, and Brazilian President Bolsonaro.
  • About that Venezuelan ambassador to Britain, Rocio Maneiro said, the recent elections there had “painted the country red” but were a victory too in a deeper sense, as the opposition had “abandoned the path of violence” and taken part.
  • In a rousing finale Roger McKenzie, general secretary of the anti-imperialist campaign Liberation, said, ‘Internationalism isn’t just meeting at a conference and having a discussion. It’s building a platform so we can go out and organize.
  • ‘It’s about a new world, a different world from the one where how much money you’ve got in your pocket is more important than who you are and what you can contribute.’
  • Though the green shoots of a renewed socialism in Latin America was praised by the speakers also, With CND general secretary Kate Hudson saluting the victory of Xiomara Castro in the Honduran presidential election as a reversal of the 2009 coup. “Honduras will begin the process of building a democratic socialist society”, they stated.