Music Monday: Top music releases of October!

Music Monday: Top music releases of October!
Music Monday: Top music releases of October!

Our music editor, Adam Humphries is back this week with the top music releases that you need to add to your playlist!

SALLY ROBINSON completes a four-part element-themed science-music project

British singer-songwriter, Sally Robins has made her debut on the UK music scene, and all whilst she is studying for masters at uni to. Can’t accuse her of being lazy now can you.

Her musical offering is a project called, Water, which consists of two songs, the first being Octopus, the second being Late September Rain.

Octopus has a sort of eerie yet calm acoustic sound to it and the lyrics sound both intimate and haunting as well as melodious as well. Somewhat interestingly, the song is about a fish being chased underwater by an Octopus. In a way, the song is more of a story than an actual song as it is done but from the perspective of a fish that is trying to outswim a bigger fish.

Overall, the track itself is quite a nice easy listening one and doesn’t overdo anything or take itself too seriously but rather just takes its time and tells a nice story. Sally’s vocals are soft, soothing, and rather captivating.

Last September Rain is, like Octopus, slow-paced and takes its time. Rather interestingly the track itself came from the very subject matter that it’s named after; rain. Rain is about watching the rain falls and drip everywhere on a calm and cold night.

Making a song about the weather normally wouldn’t make for an interesting song choice yet Sally has managed to pull the trick off quite nicely and has made a smooth melodic track about just that. Her voice is as smooth as the flowing water described in her music as well.

The LYONZ release monster 16 track debut album ‘Change In Colour’

Now you may or may not have been keeping up with these guys, if you haven’t then don’t worry about it because now is your chance. And if you still have not got a clue who these guys are then seriously, where have you been lately?

Canada’s musical duo, The LYONZ are once again gracing us with their musical talents and this time they have created a new mammoth-sized album called, Change in Colour.

One track that is something of an intriguing one is only a minute long and shares the same name as the album name itself, interestingly it has that sort of movie-opener feel to it yet still manages to create a sort of dark yet soft tune.

Another one for the recommendation is Auto. Firstly, it’s an amazing dance number in itself and the other is that it is solely an instrumental where it is just 4 minutes and 43 seconds of sweeping electronic dance beats with soft energised base.

Last one for the recommendation is Ania. As with Auto it’s only a minute long but it does have a female vocal intro which is in spoken word and said in European dialect.

Overall, that’s just three of my random selections as there are 16 to listen to, either way, they all sound great and on the whole, the entire album is a testament to LYONZ’s musical genius. Look them up and have a listen for yourself. Believe me, it will be worth your time.

SCOTT MATTHEWS releases mesmeric, dreamlike ‘My Selfless Moon’

British singer-songwriter, and Ivo Novello award winner, Scott Matthews, has released a new track from his forthcoming album New Skin called My Selfless Moon. If you are into your Brian Eno type music then the chances are you are going to probably like this too, along with guitar riffs, drum beats, and synthesizers.

Selfless Moon, as a song, isn’t really about anything other than the fact that it is just a soft, tranquil song which when listened to creates a seamless, sweeping landscape that is basically packed with soft, electronic guitar riffs and beats. Scott Matthews vocals, as you listen are both mesmerizing and haunting yet inviting and draw you in effortlessly.

In some ways, this is one of those songs where it just had to be written simply because it both could be and the timing was right and has that ageless, timeless feel to it. In an interesting way it has that sort of space-age feel to it, also like it has its inspiration from something you could only ever really fantasize about.