Covid19: China among 75 countries calling for vaccine equity

Covid19: China among 75 countries calling for vaccine equity

Among 75 countries China is calling for international solidarity on coronavirus vaccine equity and uniting efforts to tackle the global pandemic.

  • Covid-19 “knows no borders,” a joint statement issued during a meeting of the UN General Assembly. Adding that “the only solution lies in global solidarity, unity, and multilateral co-operation.”
  • Chinese representative to the UN Zhang Jun called on all states “to strengthen solidarity and international co-operation to contain, mitigate and overcome the pandemic and its consequences, ensure protection for those most affected, including women, children, youth, the older persons and persons with disabilities, and take measures to counter misinformation, disinformation, stigmatization, racism, and xenophobia.”
  • Moreover, four billion Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered worldwide so far. But over 90 percent have gone to people living in wealthier capitalist countries.
  • In addition to less than 1 percent of the global South have been vaccinated, with billions still waiting for their first shot.
  • The statement said, “we are also worried by the disturbing trend of vaccine nationalism and stockpiling of vaccine doses beyond need.”

The signatories called for increased financial support for the global Covax system which was established to ensure poorer countries could access vaccines.