Music Monday: Sami Nathan, ‘Beautiful Outside’ Review

Sami Nathan

By Adam Humphreys

Beautiful Outside is the new single from London-based artist, Sami Nathan. From the moment you hear her voice one of the first things you immediately notice is the sheer strength of her singing ability, she sounds like one of the greats.

Another thing you notice is the likeliness to Jessie J and the late, great, Amy Winehouse. Sami is a powerhouse that is just waiting to get you in the ear and carries nothing but pure emotion. Sheer incredible. Beautiful Outside is one of those songs that simply belongs on your personal playlist, be it for the summer or to get you through those dreary days. Don’t be surprised if you listen to it a few times over. Sami hits all the right notes and her music is a musical rollercoaster that takes you up and down and all over the place. 

Sami Nathan

Originally beginning her musical career Sami began writing music for others till she decided to break out on her own and show the world, and music scene who she is. The beginning of an excellent move by the sound of things, and if the rest of her music is as good as Beautiful Outside keep your eyes and ears open for her album release

There is accompanying video to this song, though probably not an official one, but either way still worth looking. In the video Sami puts on a small concert in a room along with a selection of backing singers, violinists, guitarists and a drummer. The visual tone of the video (dark blueish grey) sits rather well with the sombre tone of the song itself, Sami herself shows a visual display of facial expression whilst singing.

This woman can definitely feel the raw emotion of what she is singing when she does it, not an easy thing to do unless you know what you’re singing about and is one to keep your eye on. Beautiful Outside one of fours singles that are currently available on Spotify right now.

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