My Maskie

‘There is evidence that cotton masks can indeed reduce the exhaled aerosols, meaning that wearing one does protect those around you.’

In an effort to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the CDC now recommends
everyone to wear non-medical face masks in public. We are most at risk in environments where social distancing can be a challenge, yet we can’t avoid grocery stores and public transport indefinitely! Steven Gordon, MD, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Infectious Disease, and pulmonologist RaedDweik, MD, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute have concluded that there is evidence that cotton masks along with other non medical grade material can indeed reduce the exhaled aerosols, meaning that wearing a mask does protect those around you.

Additionally, the masks serve as a really helpful physical barrier when you cough or sneeze. Those actions can propel the droplets up to 25 feet but your mask can “disrupt” that cloud and keep those virus particles from travelling. So where do you
buy a face mask right now?

Because there is a shortage many UK sources are sold out, and shipping from international suppliers can take too long. Maskie ships from their warehouse right here in the UK! These UV Sanitized (and quite trendy) unisex face masks are designed with 100% premium 2PLY cotton, have an optional filter pouch and come in 5 ergonomic styles.

The Maskie product range currently includes 4 style options of sleek, black face masks for adults and a bright yellow mask for your littles! The best selling Maskie Plus and Maskie Halo come with a flexible metal band in the nose bridge that create a snug fit that’s not restrictive, and fully adjustable ear loops for comfortable all-day wear.

However all Maskie styles will hoop around the ears with soft fabric that doesn’t pinch. Maskie’s breathable cotton creates just enough airflow so that you can comfortably wear it even on warmer Summer days. If you’d like an extra layer of protection
(or five), Maskie filters fit perfectly into the pocket of every style.

Maskies are re-usable and washable up to 30 times. Although many customers notice they can be worn even over 30 washes! Just keep an eye out for normal wear and tear. With every order, Maskie donates a mask to our frontline medical staff, because wearing a mask is meant to protect more than just you — in this together!

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