Film Friday: 5 brilliant movies to watch this weekend!

Film Friday: 5 brilliant movies to watch this weekend!
Film Friday: 5 brilliant movies to watch this weekend!

We are here bringing you the list of new movies to watch. From streaming online to going out to your nearest cinemas ( that is abiding by the social distancing measures), here are the reviews of the 5 movies with all-star casts bringing brilliant stories to life.

Enola Homes starry Milly Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes is searching for her missing mother and for this, she uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart her older sibling Sherlock. Watch the joyous adventure of this smart teenage girl as she helps a runaway lord and seeks to find her mother. The movie lacked a little more mystery but this can be a promising beginning of a new franchise. Milly Bobby Brown as Enola and Henry Cavil as Sherlock did a fantastic job as actors.

Now available to stream on Netflix!

The Devil all the Time starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson

When you see the all-star cast in this movie, you know that you can expect something great. Directed by Antonio Campos this dark thriller is set in small towns of South America and follows the life of a young boy named Arvin and all the gothic characters he comes across. The movie might not be a cup of tea for all. Robert Pattinson and Holland was fabulous playing their roles as south Americans.

Now available to stream on Netflix!

Wake up Sid! starring Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen

Siddharth is a spoilt college student with no ambition in life. One day he meets a new girl in Town named Aisha. She is an aspiring writer from Kolkata. Life takes an uexpected turn when they both start to live in an apartment as room mates. Soon Siddhart learns to take responsibilties and reinvents his passion for photography. A slice of life at its finest. The movie normalized men dating strong older women and shows that it is never late to find who you truly are.

The movie is available to stream on Netflix!

The Crimes That Bind 

The Argentine movie was released last month on Netflix. Directed by Sebastian Schindel and written by Pablo Del Teso, the movie follows the unconditional love and support of a mother who defends his 35-year-old son, Daniel who is convicted of rape and assault. The movie stars, Cecilia Roth, Sofia Gala Castiglione, and Miguel Angel Sola. Do not miss on this enthralling crime drama that keeps you up on your hooks till the very end.


Based on the true story the film explores how the scandal of child molestation uncovered by Boston Globe and how the charges against the local church become true. Watch the movie for its all-star cast who has done a marvelous job in bringing out the horrors of the events, the unraveiling that has shocked the country and shaked their beleifs.

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