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F-Major Class with WhatsOn Music Academy!

Anupom Chakraborty, a superb music teacher at the WhatsOn Music Academy, can help you learn the F-Major scale. The essence of our music institution is music. WhatsOn provides this music academy to all music enthusiasts. It makes people get along. You can experience a breakdown in your musical viewpoint.

Music Academy is going to be live for F-Major Class at 10:00 AM UK and 4:00 PM BD time. This week you are going to learn a song by Abdul Gaffar Choudhury and Altaf Mahmud, “Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano”.

You may sign up for classes here without cost. The best music is solely your thanks to WhatsOn. The WhatsOn academy is expanding to the delight of the Music Academy’s supporters. Music never ages, so to speak, this is accomplished through the upbeat musical chords that you appreciate in music.

Learning F-Major Scale

The F-Major Scale is a superb scale to learn on the guitar. Seven notes make up the F Major scale. The fingerboard diagram shows notes in blue, with the root notes denoted by a deeper tint. F tones are always the fundamental notes. The initial root note in the 2 different patterns is set on the 6th string’s first fret.

Anupom Chakraborty, a renowned music educator, is here to provide this lesson in this master class. This time it is an essential F-Major scale learning. Those who have attended workshops before are aware that a comprehensive curriculum guide is offered. The Music Academy has accepted the duty of providing comprehensive training to those eager to learn music. When we listen to music, the soul is entranced. The courses of music are extremely meticulously taught to us at the music academy. Every student receives precise instruction with WhatsOn.

Using music to make the world a better place is one of the principles that WhatsOn maintains. It’s always been intended to promote equality and inclusion. WhatsOn values community above all else and a team is always put above an individual. Through music, we idealize society’s development, So simply subscribe to our YouTube channel to start receiving excellent musically packed updates.

Class Curriculum: 

  • Guitar Lesson: F-Major Scale
  •  Song Learning: Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano
  • Open Mike

🎼 Stay Tuned 🎼 
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