Coronavirus Global Updates: What You Need to Know

Covid map
Covid map

The pandemic situation remains uneven as some countries begin to lift restrictions while others continue to record rapid increases in infections. Tanzia Haq brings the updates.

As governments around the world slowly resume operations after recording falling coronavirus cases, US president Donald Trump is again suggesting that the country cannot stay shut down much longer and must accept that there will be more deaths as the economy starts back up.

Cases in the US have reached more than 1.2 million as of this morning and continuing. The US has so far seen 73,431 casualties. Despite these numbers, Trump has outlined a crude approach to resuming operations in the country. Speaking to Fox News, Trump stated, “We have to be warriors,” quite possibly not comprehending the risks involved in opening businesses while medical institutions remain overwhelmed by coronavirus cases.

In Qatar, cases have soared to more than 16,000, most of the infected being migrant workers. Some of the most low-income migrant workers have become destitute from the pandemic and are currently begging for food. Although fatalities from the infections remain low, there’s a greater chance of people becoming ill from starvation.

However, New Zealand and Australia are currently in the works to relax lockdowns and allow movement soon. New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is considering allowing groups of 100 to gather, a first since March 2020.

In the UK, despite recording more than six thousand new cases, Boris Johnson’s administration is pushing to open businesses and allow gatherings as long as people take precautions.


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