Home News Coronavirus Update: US to send Taiwan 750,000 vaccine doses

Coronavirus Update: US to send Taiwan 750,000 vaccine doses

The United States will be getting to send 750,000 vaccine doses to Taiwan as part of an attempt to assist combat the coronavirus worldwide after Taipei rejected similar vaccine help from China. Munia Iffat reports.

  • Taiwan served as a model of coronavirus prevention within the early days of the pandemic but has suffered lately, making it one among many nations that are scrambling to vaccinate their populations like the US and other countries return to normal.
  • Taiwan has repeatedly refused offers of help from China, citing safety concerns about Chinese vaccines. Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat, announced in Taipei on Sunday that the US would send 750,000 doses to the island.
  • “It was critical to the United States that Taiwan be included in the first group to receive vaccines because we recognize your urgent need and we value this partnership,” she told, accompanied by Republican Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan and Democrat Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin claimed on Friday that officials from Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party had “prevented the mainland from importing vaccines to Taiwan in every possible way, and even falsely claimed that the mainland was obstructing its procurement of vaccines.”

The US is also planning to send vaccines to India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Egypt, and Gaza, to name just a few.

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