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Snacks with Jax Jones – The Prince of House

DJ Jax Jones has become the Prince of House. Sam Merricks explores how he has blown up the charts with his energetic and captivating tunes. Timucin

In Conversation With “Black Zang”

By Dipto Paul Asiful Islam Sohan, commonly known as Black Zang, has been doing Hip-Hop in Bangladesh ever since the very term Hip-Hop was not introduced in t

Myth of Coronavirus

Scientists have pointed to animals as potential sources of the virus, but the real blame lies with our human assaults on the environment, says Sonia Shah.

In Conservation With… Ian Reddington

> By Adam Humphreys Now for the past 40 years Ian Reddington has graced our TV screens in some of Britain’s best loved programmes, such as EastEnd

WhatsOn Asia Guide Wedding 2020 Out Now!

Famous singer Dilshad Nahar Kona is the cover star of WhatsOn Asia’s Wedding guide, making it a must-have for fans. In an exclusive interview, the singer ta

Review: Jax Jones

By Sam Merricks London DJ Jax Jones can certainly captivate a crowd with his charismatic tunes. Jones opened his tour date at the O2 Institute


“This is the most fantastic show I have ever attended in my life. I never thought that I could see a ‘Black’ performance up close. This is one of the most memorable expe

Review: Indico, Mailbox, Birmingham

Birmingham, the UK's capital city of curry is now gripped with some of the best Indian eateries in the UK and can now boast some of the finest! So on that basis, let m

5 influential immigrants to the UK

By Simone Barton With recent immigration policies in the UK seemingly deterring immigrants it's vital to remember those that have helped build the country and have

Fairtrade Cocoa Quiz

We all love chocolate, but there is a darker side to cocoa farming which the Fairtrade Foundation is working hard to eliminate, ensuring workers receive a fair wage. Discover