Behind the Scenes of ‘The Winning Game Plan’ by Jamey Rootes

Behind the Scenes of 'The Winning Game Plan' by Jamey Rootes
Behind the Scenes of 'The Winning Game Plan' by Jamey Rootes

The President of the Houston Texans NFL team, Jamey Rootes, has taken on the challenge of writing and publishing a book “The Winning Game Plan” on the fundamentals of leading a business successfully. Lara Tarabey reports.

The winning plan by Jamey Rootes

This insightful book not only explains how to have and lead a successful business but also how to maintain one.

After speaking to Jamey Rootes himself he made clear that writing a book has always been an objective of his but the primary driver was Greg Beetles, chief financial and administrative officer for the Atlanta Falcons, saying that we both have had modest success.

Rootes said Bettles “asked me why we have always been at the top of the league rankings from a business metric perspective.

“I thought about what he said and decided that I need to put this on paper and share with people because everyone can learn something from this.”

This interesting and knowledgeable book is based on his business practices promoting the Houston Texans and American Football.

Throughout this book, Jamey explains the key principles for success of the Houston Texans in his stories that extend across the franchise’s history.

Rootes’ book is unique because the principles he espouses are home grown.

He’s read a lot and studied leaders whilst observing but never copying anything so he takes the best of everything and makes it his own.

Jamey explains that “the process of writing this book took 7 months but the book has been in development for 54 years since I’ve been on this planet.”This book offers the reader exclusive access to his leadership style in sports and business which has proven to be extremely successful.

The first thing he was told by publishers was that he needs a very specific target market, so he hyper insulated on business leaders aged 30 to 40 looking to take the next step.

At the end, he realised “that is the primary target but how often is there an eye witness account about how a professional sports front office operates, never.” If you’re a fan of the Houston Texans, the NFL or sports in general, this book is also for you.

An eye opener for Rootes was that after his wife read the manuscript she said that the target market is not only business people because the contents of the book describe how he has led their family for the last 20 years.

Although this book offers the readers pragmatic advice on how to be a more effective leader by acquiring the proven methods and processes that Jamey has developed and executed throughout his career, everyone can learn something from it.

Rooteswas asked about a second book be but he said that all depends on if people want to hear what he has to say.

Jamey’s “number one objective had nothing to do with business as I love a good read no matter the subject, so I want it to be a fun, emotional story as well.”

This book is broadly appealing to many people and I strongly recommend it. It’s an excellent read.

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