Angela Munoz


Album: Introspection

At just 18 you’d be forgiven for thinking that Angela Munoz is something of a beginner when it comes tothe music industry. In fact this remarkable young woman started singing when she was just five and wassoon blowing away much older musicians in competitions. Introspection though is her very first albumand it could see Munoz become a star overnight. This is a complete work with no real filler at all. It’sconsistency belies a quite astonishing variety of influences from orchestral to samples with a groundingin honey like R&B. Of course there’s soul here too, it’s impossible to avoid with a voice as beautifullytoned as this. The nearest real comparison vocal wise would possibly be Sade at her peak. Given the factno one has ever really replicated that smoothness of sound then there’s clearly been a long standingvacancy in the market. Consider Introspection vacancy filled, and then some. As an announcement ofintent it’s as loud and clear as the record is understated and classy. Critics are saying the age of thesuperstar has gone, Angela Munoz might well prove them all wrong

Rating: 5/5

By Gary Trueman