Wednesday Wisdom: Books About Childhood Values

Wednesday Wisdom: Books for childhood values
WhisOn believes in an initiative that promotes the love of reading and the benefits that reading for enjoyment may have on children and young people’s lives. These fantastic books portray a diverse range of childhood events, ensuring that all youngsters will find something to relate to as well as some fresh and fascinating stories.

Let’s check out our best picks of this week.

The Unstoppable Letty Pegg****

Written by Iszi Lawrence, published by Bloomsbury, Iszi Lawrence’s beautifully researched debut novel depicts the fight for women’s suffrage as it really was, with Jiu-Jitsu and roller skating has thrown in for good measure. Lettice Pegg is the daughter of a working-class police officer and a middle-class suffragette. Lettice is largely concerned with trying to fit in at school and begging her parents to let her get roller skates and go to the music hall while stuck between them (and her fearsome grandma) when they quarrel. However, Lettice’s life is irrevocably changed when she witnesses her mother being viciously pushed to the ground by a police officer while on a protest march. Not all of the marching ladies are at risk of being attacked. Jiu-Jitsu is a secret weapon used by some of them.

The Valley of Lost Secrets****

This book was written by Lesley Parr, published by Bloomsbury published in 2021 January. It is about a story of a boy called Jimmy. When Jimmy is evacuated to a little Welsh village, it is a world away from London. He feels immediately out of place. But then he discovers a skull concealed under a tree, and the valley becomes even more terrifying than the war. Who can Jimmy put his faith in? His little brother has grown up, and his best friend has changed. They go out together to unravel the secrets that lay within the skull, finding an ally in someone he never expected. What they find will forever transform Jimmy – and the village.

Songs for Our Sons****

Originally published in 2020this book was written by Ruth Doyle, illustrated by Ashling Lindsay, published by Andersen Press. The whole story is about A star-strewn night, a brand-new baby boy, and all of the world’s possibilities… This is a beautiful introduction to what it means to be a boy in these difficult times, and all of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. The heart of this book is a lovely and profound message: no matter what is expected of you, you may be whoever you want to be. This is a very gorgeous present for sons and parents at any critical life stage, from birth to graduation, with gold foil detail on the cover.