Trump impeachment: 10 Republicans support the impeachment

Trump impeachment: 10 Republicans voted for the impeachment
Trump impeachment: 10 Republicans voted for the impeachment

Donald Trump has become the first President to face a historic second impeachment. The Democrats have formally charged him with “incitement of insurrection”.

5 People including a police officer died during the Capitol riot. The riot was instigated by Donald Trump in his last attempt to overturn the US election results. The authorities had to deploy special forces and securities to control the Trump supporters and ensure that Joe Biden’s inauguration takes place smoothly on Wednesday.

After the Capitol invasion, the US lawmakers imposed an impeachment article charging Donald Trump for inciting violence against the US government. Doing so he has violated his oath as the president of the country.

The House of Democrats has voted to call Vice President Mile Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and take over the presidency. Pence have however dismissed the request and announced that he will not be invoking the 25th Amendment.

On Wednesday, ten republicans joined the Democrats to embrace the decision and hold Trump accountable for his actions before he leaves his office next week. President Pelosi came forward and said in a statement that Trump is a “clear and present danger to the nation we all love”.

After the impeachment, Trump released a statement, condemning the violence that took place in Washington and appealing to his supporters to calm ahead of the inauguration.

It has been reported that his daughter and Pence persuaded him to record the video to boost his support among Republicans who are likely to desert him after the Capitol riot.