Chartwells condemned over inadequate free school meals

Chartwells condemned over inadequate free school meals
Chartwells condemned over inadequate free school meals

The firm that the government hired to provide food bags to the schools has been reported for giving inadequate meals to the children.

A parent placed a complaint, revealing the cheap meal that her child received from Chartwells. The purported value of the food for which the public has been charged 30 pounds is estimated to value worth 5 pounds only.

The government hired the firm to provide free meals to the state-school children who are remotely learning from their homes for the pandemic. The meal is revealed to contain only a loaf of bread, a tin of beans, a bag of pasta, a few slices of cheese and yogurt cubes, few fruits, cake slices, and vegetables.

It has been revealed that the former chairperson of Chartwells was a business advisor of Tory PM David Cameron. This goes to show that the firm was hired based on connections and now their actions need to be scrutinized.

Labour MP Richard Burgon condemned the Tory Government on Twitter:

He added that this “ looks like yet another case of the government helping its corporate friends become parasites of the pandemic.” He called out the government to use hunger as a financial opportunity.

Labour Deputy leader Angela Rayner has called upon PM Boris to urgently fix this matter. She asked, “Into whose pockets is the money for free school meals going?”

It is a matter of disgrace to find out that there are companies profiteering from hungry children with inadequate meals. What is more baffling is that companies like Chartwells are backed up by the members of the existing government. It is cruel, humiliating, and dehumanizing for the children who deserve better.