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Ukraine Accused of attacking Russian Villages!

Russian officials has accused Ukraine for sending saboteurs across the border and attacking the local villages in the Bryansk region. Ukraine has refused the accusation, calling them a “deliberate provocation”. Ukraine has claimed that Russia might be seeking excuse to intensify its assaults.
The exact circumstances of the incident remains unclear and blurred. Russian president Vladimir Putin has claimed that the attacked was carried out Ukrainian “terrorists”.

What does Russia claim about the attack?

Mr. Putin has said that, ” it was another terror attack, another crime. They have infiltrated the area near the border and open fired at the civilians.” Putin has also blamed the neonazis for this attack, justifying Russia’s invasion just over a year ago.

Kremlin Accuses Ukraine for attacking Russian Villages

Reason for the War

Neonazi groups such as the Azov Battalion have fought with the Ukrainian army against Donbass separatists since 2014, and “de-Nazification” joined demilitarization and “de-communication” . This thought to be a inference to redrawing Ukraine’s existing, Soviet-derived borders – as Russia’s three stated war aims.

Issues remains unresolved in G20 talk

Top diplomats who have come from the Group of 20 industrialized and developing nations ended their meeting in New Delhi. Above all China and Russia objected to text taken from last year’s G20 declaration in Bali. Although this may be true that the war in Ukraine was causing immense human suffering while exacerbating frailties in the global economy.

Kremlin Accuses Ukraine for attacking Russian Villages!

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