Troye Sivan – ‘In A Dream’ Review

Troye Sivan - ‘In A Dream’ Review
Troye Sivan - ‘In A Dream’ Review

Since the release of Troye Sivan’s second studio album Bloom in 2018, he has exploded in popularity – with worldwide hits under his belt such as ‘1999’ with Charli XCX and ‘i’m so tired’ with Lauv. With this sudden recognition, fans have been eager to see what Sivan will release next – with the In A Dream EP finally being released this month.

The six-track EP sees Sivan experiment with different sounds with a slight departure from his traditional pop sound. The track ‘STUD’, in which Sivan describes a one-night hookup: ‘Knowing that you’re not the one, you’re the one for right now’. Sivan’s vocals battle with a vocodered backing track which adds to the mysterious and chaotic atmosphere of the song – making Sivan’s nerves and pre-dispositions about the encounter come across in the track.

A highlight of the EP is the track ‘Rager teenager!’ which shows Sivan lamenting his past self, and wondering where he lost his youth along the way, with a soaring outro that really makes you feel as if Sivan’s youth is playing in your ears. Tracks like these show the growth that Sivan has shown through his career, a long way from the likes of his EP TRXYE, released six years ago.

Overall, the EP is a short but sweet taste of future music to come from Sivan. The slight switch in his sound is enough to keep fans patient for a full length album, and brings casual listeners a different sound than what they might typically expect from a Troye Sivan EP.