Towfique Ahmed’s Song ‘Tui Parish’ dedicated to frontline Workers

Towfique Ahmed’s Song Tui Parish

Rap artist Towfique paid tribute to the frontline workers in the Corona virus pandemic through his latest music video, reports Anika Khan.

The video titled ‘Tui Parish’ (You can) was released in April and is dedicated to all the workers who are keeping the wheels turning risking their lives and keeping the population safe.  

Towfique Ahmed is a co-founder of music band ‘Rajotto’. He is notable for his fusion of Rap songs. He believes that music has power to bring in awareness and change the society. Some of his notable songs are ‘ Desh O Durnity, “Khepa Gaan”, “Bidrohi” Etc.

 Towfique is one of the few Bangladeshi artists who do not shy away in addressing issues related to politics, corruption, class system and religion.

Watch  his music video ‘ Tui Parish’ below: