Sunday Social: Five Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience

Sunday Social: Five Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience
Sunday Social: Five Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience

Resilience is a life skill typically stated as the capability to recover from difficult life events. Working through emotional suffering can be extremely challenging and often adjusts through mental stability, patience, and time. Although change can be difficult, embracing it will improve your outlook on life.

Here are five ways that can help boost and strengthen your resilience:

1. Get enough sleep and exercise

Sleep enables you to process how you can find a balance between emotional reactions and the decisions you make. Exercising creates healthy brain cells that can decrease stress and anxiety, building resilience. Exercising and sleep work hand-in-hand as they have a positive effect on your mind, body, and mood to participate in activities. Short daily activates such as thirty-minute walks will have positive long-term effects on your resilience.

2. Practice thought awareness

Activates such as writing down stressful situations or observing your day-to-day emotions can help strengthen your resilience. Observing when your thoughts occur can prevent your mind from overloading which will have progressive implications on your resilience in the future.

3. Learn from your mistakes

Accepting when you’re wrong is a great way to strengthen your mind. Understanding why you made that wrong decision and acknowledging ways to ensure it cannot be repeated improves your strategy, integrity and resilience. Whether a situation occurs in the workplace or at home, admitting you were wrong can help release any unpleasant energy tormenting you.

Happy friends holding each other

4. Cultivate relationships

Developing relationships with your family, friends, strangers or even pets can have a positive effect on your resilience. Having someone to communicate with prevents the build-up of emotional suffering, opens up life opportunities and allows you to become happier and content with your emotions. Developing relationships can be anything from calling your mum to giving your neighbour a hug!

5. Remain calm/ Choose your perspective

Serious situations can often lead to panics and meltdowns which can cause issues to your resilience. Taking time out to process dilemmas, connecting with friends & family and avoiding blowing circumstances out of proportion will improve your resilience in the long-term. Remaining logical and calm will create a clear insight of how to handle situations that will eventually strengthen your resilience.