Queen gets anti-royalist’s sympathy in Meghan and Harry row!

Queen gets anti-royalist’s sympathy in Meghan and Harry row!
Queen gets anti-royalist’s sympathy in Meghan and Harry row!

Britain’s royal family is bracing for a March 7 airing of an American television interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. Amid reports that the content is explosive and will make for uncomfortable viewing for the British monarch and senior royals.

Here Are 5 uncomfortable Things for The British Royal:

  • A REPUBLICAN showed sympathy towards the Queen and the Royal Family as he believed Harry and Meghan’s “lecturing” broke the apolitical nature of the monarchy.
  • Deputy Editor of Spiked Tom Slater argued that while he does not agree with the idea of the monarchy, he still showed sympathy towards the older generation of royals who have stuck to their duties.
  • “Have they no respect?” screamed the front page of Saturday’s Daily Mail. The paper made much of the fact that the final break between the couple and Buckingham Palace coincided with the ill health of Prince Philip, who was admitted to the hospital last week. 
  • Prince William is “really sad and genuinely shocked” by the “insulting and disrespectful” behavior of Prince Harry towards the Queen, according to the Sunday Times.
  • CBS television insiders say the interview will likely widen the gulf between the couple and the royal household. And they warn it will likely go down as the most notorious interview featuring a member of Britain’s storied royal family since Harry’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales, gave her side of the story in 1995 about the collapse of her marriage to Prince Charles.

One of the royal family’s uppermost fears is that Harry and Meghan will become increasingly outspoken now they are unmoored from the royal household risking blowback on the British monarchy.


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