Sunday Social: 10 steps to minimize the Loss of Learning

Sunday Social: 10 steps to minimize the Loss of Learning
Sunday Social: 10 steps to minimize the Loss of Learning

Students are bearing one of the highest brunts of Covid-19. It is time for the government and organizations to compensate for the learning loss through the following strategies:

1. Create Awareness

The government needs to ensure high-quality content through online portals. It is important to raise awareness in communities about the contents that are available.

2. Disseminate Contents

The vast majority of households do not have access to smartphones or the internet. TV network, Radio, and IVRS can be utilized to deliver learning content.

3. Provide books & Worksheets

Books and worksheets should be delivered to the students at their homes to help them improve their reading and writing skills through self-learning.

4. Provide Support for Parents

Parent’s contribution to the education of their children is more significant than ever before. It is important to provide them with support to engage their children.

5. Continuous Training for Teachers

Teachers who are the most important stakeholders in the process of education need to be trained to support the children using different teaching methods.

6. Develop Remedial Packages

When students go back to school they will need support to catch up. It is important to develop a remedial package to help them progress.

7. Address Mental Health

Pandemic has been traumatic and stressful for many students. It is extremely important to address their social and emotional well-being.

8. Make resources available online

Organizations need to come forward to make more books and reading materials available in online libraries. They can also develop apps for it.

9. Promote Online Campaigns

To retain focus on literacy, reading, and creativity, organizations can hold different kinds of campaigns to engage students with different activities.

10. Eliminate Student Loan debts

During unpreceded times like this, the government should eliminate student loan debts so that parents and students can overcome the crisis. 

 It is important for the government, local communities, schools, and organizations to work together to minimize the loss of learning during this pandemic.



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