TikToker Kaye becomes an IMG Model

TikToker Kaye becomes an IMG Model
TikToker Kaye becomes an IMG Model

Wisdom Kaye is a 20 years old Tiktoker who creates his content from the little corner in his own house. He gained an immense number of followers of about 5.3 million in a short span of time.

Kaye started uploading videos in January 2020 and already he posted images of thousands of outfits. Most interestingly he made his all video in front of a beige wall and these all are based on how you dressed up yourself for an outing, hangout, dating, night party, cozy student, and also for the runway on a budget and as a result he got signed to IMG. Kaye is six feet four and worked with Dior, Fendi, Coach, Revlon, and so on.

TikTok is basically focused on trending songs, viral memes, dance challenges, and embracing creativity. Now it’s also known for the fashion scene and Vogue tried to find out the most stylish, inspiring creators. Where Kaye has gotten him attention beyond social media.

Kaye thinks TikTok challenging the new fashion world. Because social media became more close to everyone for pandemics and he tried to be different in every way what he usually does, not just how he looks like but in the way, he filmed his videos. Kaye is his own creative director, the model, the stylist, the photographer, etc. Kaye has been invited by New York shows but for the pandemic, it couldn’t happen.

“It’s no secret that sometimes when things are completely relied on, like your image and your body,” Kaye said to his followers “you can start to get a little bit self-conscious here and there.”


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