Starbucks Workers To Form A Union At NYC!


Starbuck workers in New York City have agreed to form a worker’s union for the betterment of their job position.

 Last week they submitted a letter to the Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announcing the formation of the union.

They also requested the Starbucks authority to organize an impartial voting system inside the committee.

If the proposal works successfully, Buffalo Starbucks will be the first company in the US to form a union.

At present more than 8000 Starbucks outlets in the US are not included in any kind of union.

Alexis Rizzo, one of the founding members of the organizing committee said, “We’ve been called Starbucks partners and we want to become real partners, to be able to have a voice to make our job better and to make our customers’ experience better.”

“We’re the ones who are the face of the company doing this job every single day. We know better than anyone that we could do to make it better, not just for ourselves, but for our customers as well because their experiences are suffering,” she added.

A spokesperson for Starbucks said in an email in response to the union organizing drive: “While Starbucks respects the free choice of our partners, we firmly believe that our work environment, coupled with our outstanding compensation and benefits, makes unions unnecessary at Starbucks. We respect our partners’ right to organize but believe that they would not find it necessary given our pro-partner environment.”

Many previous attempts to form worker’s unions have failed to succeed because of the company’s opposite stand and, now they believe their ultimate success.