Self-Care Saturday: 5 Charities to Support Now!


In times when we feel most helpless, supporting those in need can help create a sense of connection with your community and offer you peace of mind that you are doing your part to help. Now is the time to come together to support those who are most vulnerable. Here, Tara Pilkington highlights five charities which need your support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trussell trust

The Trussell Trust

Food banks are grassroots, community organisations which are aimed at supporting people who cannot afford the essentials in life. The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks, providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

Find your local food bank at:

Yes Outdoors

Yes outdoors are a North London based charity who have recently have partnered with a number of local charities and community organisations, to launch a technology appeal to residents of the area. They are asking for donations of any old technology, such as laptops and tablets, so that they can be re-distributed to young and vulnerable people during this particularly difficult time.

For more information visit:

refuge charity


Since the UK’s lockdown began, calls and contacts to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline have risen by around 50%. In need of urgent funds to help meet demand, donations will ensure that vital help and support is available for those who are currently suffering domestic abuse.

For more information visit:

national emergencies trust

National Emergencies Trust

The National Emergencies Trust collaborates with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a domestic disaster, and they have recently launched a fundraising appeal to unite the nation and help those most affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak

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help refugees

Help Refugees

Help Refugees started in August 2015 after a group of friends wanted to raise £1,000 and fill a van full of donations to take down to Calais. Within a week, they had raised £56,000. They now support over 120 projects across Europe, the Middle East and on the US-Mexico border, taking a fieldwork-first approach to aid, establishing local networks and working with local partners to deliver projects.

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