A petition to stop UK motorists ‘driving blind’ is launched with support from MPs, activists, cycling bodies and What’sOn and needs your support.
UK drivers can pass their test without an eye exam, then drive unpoliced, self-reporting they are fit to drive. The UK’s only vision test – designed in 1937 – is to read a licence-plate to a driving test centre worker.
The Driving Blind Campaign is lobbying Government to cut road accidents through drivers with defective vision – it’s linked to 3,000 casualties yearly – to bring the UK into line with most of Europe.
It follows cases like that of a pensioner who killed toddler Poppy-Arabella Clarke at a pelican crossing. He failed to see the red light or the pelican crossing.
It recommends legislation that every driver is examined by an optician before their driving test and at licence renewal applications, to prove their eyes are roadworthy.
Figures from the DVLA indicate nearly 50,000 motorists had their licence revoked or refused between 2012 and 2016 over poor vision.
With other studies revealing 1.5 million UK motorists have never had their eyes tested, the campaign will end “senseless self-reporting”.
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