COP28: Your Guide to the 2023 UN Climate Conference


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has scheduled COP 28 to occur at Expo City Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

What is COP28?

COP 28 marks the 28th annual meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). As the principal decision-making entity of the UNFCCC, COP convenes each year to assess the progress of UNFCCC and its legal instruments, making crucial decisions on strategies to tackle climate change.

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What are the goals of COP28?

The main goals of COP28 are to:

COP 28: A Catalyst for Accelerated Climate Action

COP 28, the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, presents a pivotal opportunity to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the landmark global pact to combat climate change. This gathering of world leaders will focus on three key objectives:

  • Enhancing NDCs: Strengthening Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), individual countries’ climate action plans.
  • Mobilizing Climate Finance: Transitioning to the main topic, securing sufficient financial resources is crucial to support climate action, especially in developing countries.
  • Addressing Climate Impacts: Helping vulnerable communities adapt to climate change’s impacts through climate-resilient infrastructure and livelihoods.

COP 28 will foster global cooperation, raise ambition for climate action, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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What are the key issues that will be discussed at COP28?

In addition to the goals mentioned above, COP 28 is also expected to discuss a number of other key issues, including:

  • Climate finance: Developed countries have pledged to provide $100 billion per year in climate finance to developing countries by 2020. COP 28 will discuss how to ensure that this pledge is met and that climate finance is used effectively.
  • Technology: Technological innovation will be essential for addressing climate change. COP 28 will discuss how to promote the development and deployment of climate-friendly technologies.
  • Collaboration: COP 28 will also be an opportunity for countries to collaborate on addressing climate change. This includes working together to develop and implement climate-friendly policies, sharing knowledge and expertise, and mobilizing finance.
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What are the expected outcomes of COP28?

Anticipated Outcomes of COP28: Charting a Path for Accelerated Climate Action

COP28, the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, stands as a critical juncture for advancing global climate action. This gathering of world leaders is expected to yield significant outcomes:

  • Reinvigorating the Paris Agreement: Strengthening national climate action plans, boosting financial commitments, and setting more ambitious emission reduction targets.
  • Revamping Climate Finance: Establishing a new framework for mobilizing and allocating funds, ensuring efficient resource utilization, and prioritizing support for vulnerable nations.
  • Renewing Climate Action: Catalyzing a reinvigorated agenda with enhanced ambition, strengthened adaptation efforts, and a collective commitment to a sustainable future.
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How to Get Involved in COP28:

Embrace numerous avenues to engage in COP28, including:

  • Follow on Social Media: The UNFCCC will use social media to share information about the conference, including live streams of key events.
  • Subscribe for Email Updates: The UNFCCC will send out email updates about the conference, including summaries of key events and announcements.
  • Engage Locally: Communities around the world will organize events to coincide with COP 28. Take part in these local gatherings to learn more about climate change and to take action.
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COP28, the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, marks a crucial moment for global unity and decisive action against climate change. It presents a unique platform for nations to elevate their climate goals, foster collaborative solutions, and mobilize financial resources. Moreover, it provides a valuable chance to heighten public awareness of the climate crisis and rally support for meaningful action.

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