Saturday Special: In Conversation with Hip-Hop Star, ‘BZ’

Saturday Special: In Conversation with Hip-Hop Star, 'BZ'
Saturday Special: In Conversation with Hip-Hop Star, 'BZ'

Over 12 years of contributing to the Bangladeshi hip-hop industry, Black Zang talks about his struggles and his humble beginning with Anika Khan.

Asiful Islam Sohan, commonly known as Black Zang or BZ is one of the finest Hip-hop artists of Bangladesh. He has represented the Bangladeshi Hip-hop community to the outside world through his music and international performances. Now, the artist is busy with his upcoming collaborations and tour across 20 Bangladeshi cities.

Entering the world of hip-hop was extremely challenging for him. Especially because we live in a society that is not keen on accepting this genre of art. In an exclusive interview with WhatsOn BZ said, “People tend to generalize hip-hop artists into one mold. Everybody, everyday generalizes our thoughts, generalizes our process but at the end of the day when we show our results they do accept that we are doing great”. He added that ” when your own people point out on your passion, it really hurts”.

The artist broke away from all these generalizations and established his own mark in the music industry. But it wasn’t an easy journey. It took years of passion, dedication, practices, sacrifices, and will to reach where he is today. He said, “I take every example from my life; take the negative and make it into something positive.”

Today he is the Brand ambassador of Sneaker pimp Bangladesh. He talked about his love for shoes. ” If anybody wants to truly hurt me, they only need to go after my shoes”.

BZ also talks about his experience working with MOGZ, a Bengali vocal artist from Los Angeles. “Most of the important sounds of career has been made by him”, said BZ. MOGZ has been a huge motivation giving him the mental backup to bring his vision into reality.

Furthermore, BZ is all geared up for his huge show with Hero Bangladesh. He will be hosting the show and perform in over 20 different cities for the next 1 month. He also talked about his upcoming projects. “I am working on a massive massive project. It is more than music, more than a music video. This is what I am going to say for now. You have to wait till March or April to find out”.

Asiful Islam aka BZ is looking forward to collaborate with WhatsOn music Academy to host a show for underpriviledged street children of Dhaka city.