Sunday Social: 5 ways to be Social

5 ways to be Social
5 ways to be Social

Being social is not about making people please around you. It’s about maintaining a healthy relationship, being gentle, kind but holding your personality. Due to the pandemic, we are socially distanced but there are still some ways to be social. Here are some ways to be social during the social distanced period-

Contact virtually: Take the advantage of living in an era of technology. You can contact people virtually as we have countless options to connect. You are able to actually see your loved one makes the experience feel much more social and personal. Nowadays, there are lots of apps that can make your communication much easier. Most of the apps have a video chat option as well.

Discuss problems: We all are facing hard times due to this pandemic so we need to be patient and need to be franker. Contact your near and dears people, ask if they are facing any problems. Talk and try to solve the problem, be their strength. Being vulnerable with the people we trust about our own struggles and fears can help to open up a conversation that will benefit everyone involved.

Celebrate special dates: We are unable to meet physically but we can meet virtually. We can celebrate our friend’s or family member’s birthday virtually. Turn on your LED lights, turn up the music, and have your friends join the video call. You don’t need to spend money on that but this one call can make your near one feel special and it will show how much you value them.

Be a good listener: We often feel low when we can’t share our mind. So be a good listener. When you will listen the person carefully, it gives the other person mental support. It shows you care for them and that is a key way to be social. So listen people carefully, try to make a conversation.

Give compliment: A nice compliment can make someone’s day significantly better and creates the opportunity to start a conversation. Notice the small things that make someone unique so that your words stand out. It can increase someone’s confidence and will create a good relationship. But don’t say the same words to everyone.