Saturday Special: In Conversation with Haytor

Saturday Special: In Conversation with Haytor
Saturday Special: In Conversation with Haytor

Haytor is an indie-pop band formed in 2016. The group has gigged their way across the country with their eccentric and lively performances. Their charismatic pop hooks have gained them airplay all over the globe. They have recently released their single music video SIRENS. Ingrid cox catches up with the group and discusses their latest releases and future goals.

Ingrid Cox: Firstly, how are you all doing and how is life going in Devon at the moment?

I think coping is probably the best word! Although I’m definitely thankful to be living where we do  – having Dartmoor just down the road helps a lot.

IC: How would describe your music?

Eccentric, energetic indie-pop with lots of guitars.

IC: How have things changed for you in these past 8 months?

Everything has sort of come to a standstill – no band rehearsals, no gigs – it’s not been fun. Lots of time for binge-eating and starting songs I’m never going to finish though.

IC: Have you had to change how you work as a result of the pandemic?

I wouldn’t say we’ve changed how we work (although that would probably be productive), but there’s been a lot more space for songwriting – mainly because there’s not a lot else to do!

IC: How was the band formed and when did it happen?

Having been in bands together since we were 14, Cal (drums) and I (vocals) put together Haytor when we were at Uni together in Bristol. We had a couple of line up changes in the first year or so – moved back to Devon and here we are!

IC: Have you got any advice for upcoming artists trying to make it in the industry?

Usually, I’d just say gig gig gig as much as you can – but that feels fairly moot at the moment. In times like these you’ve got to find the enjoyment in what you do else it falls to the wayside so I’d go with that.

IC: What has been the biggest challenge you have experienced as a band so far?

Either booking lots of gigs or transporting my piano case. Probably the piano case.

IC:Can we expect any new music to come from Haytor?

Absolutely. We’ve got a few up our sleeve we were hoping to put out this year, but we pushed them back a bit as we weren’t going to be able to go out and play them live to everyone. The next one isn’t far off though now…