Climate Crisis Film Festival Returns

Climate Crisis Film Festival Returns
Climate Crisis Film Festival Returns

The Climate Crisis Film festival returns this year from November 16 to 22. Mark your calendar as this year the festival is bringing together breathtaking cinema and exciting imaginings of a greener future. Anika Khan reports.

This year the program has expanded with a series of discussions and workshops. Some of the most prominent names in the climate activism sphere will be gathered who will discuss cutting-edge ideas on how to build a better future. Leaders from the Green NEW Deal UK, WWF, Climate Chaos, CLimate Reality Europe, and many other renowned organizations will take part in this event.

Here are what you can learn by joining in the masterclass series:

  • Tune in for talks on Climate Anxiety VS Positive Resilience and System Change
  • Join the Drawing Your Future Workshop
  • Learn how to Grow your own Urban Food Garden
  • Build up Activism Toolkit featuring Extinction rebellion

Below are the list of short and featured films that will be played during the festival:

Climate (In Justice)

  • Short film: Rise: from One Island to Another,
  • Feature: Anote’s Ark

Fear and Hope

  • Tree Time,
  • How to Let Go of the World (And Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change)

Cultural Awakening

  • Coastal Requiem
  • Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Polluted Politics

  • Dry Tears of the Aral,
  • The Forum

Systems in Crisis

  • How we Live Jounrey Towards a Just Transition,
  • System Error

Civil Disobedience

  • Melting Point
  • How to Start a Revolution

Grassroots in Action

  • Fight for the Bright
  • This Changes Everything

Rethinking the Future

  • The Flat
  • 2040

Harmonious Agriculture

  • Pacha Kuti: The Golden Path
  • Feature: The need to Grow

Zero Waste Living

  • A Failure of the Imagination
  • Feature: Just Eat it: A Food Waste Story

Simon Melizan, the Co-founder of the even said that the Global Pandemic has forced all to “rethink our relationship, nature, consumption and the ‘business as usual mentality”. He hopes that the festival will offer opportunities to “reflect on the urgent challenges and encourage the people to take necessary steps towards climate change.

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